Cancer Made Simple!

Hi guys and welcome to my cancer made simple blog. What does that mean…cancer made simple? Cancer is definitely not simple, in fact it is so darn difficult to treat and eliminate as a disease entity.

However, my aim is to help people with little scientific background understand what cancer really is; in an easy to understand language and with no bias.  That means, I am not going to try to sell you some product and therefore tell you only what you need to know to convince you to buy that proposed anti-cancer product.

Have you ever wondered what cancer is all about? How you might be able to talk with your doctor (or someone else’s doctor) friends and family about cancer? Do you find it a bit difficult to understand and when you look for information on-line it is frequently written by scientist for other scientist? Well, I do and I am a cancer researcher. Even some well-meaning cancer advocate web sites get me confused.

Well I hope to change that. I will be posting a cancer made simple web page soon where I hope to provide anyone with audio, video or e-books on subjects relating to cancer. I will also be posting drawing of simple concepts from cancer and so on. Please do join me in a journey to understanding cancer!!!  My website will be ready soon!

What are things you would like to know? I am open to suggestions and can try to answer them slowly one at a time!

Ok, that’s all for now! Remember cancer can be made simple (well simple to understand anyway)!

Dr. Charles


One thought on “Cancer Made Simple!

  1. Here are some examples of info products that I want to provide in the near future:
    1. The basics of cancer

    2. Can we really (as scientist/doctors) cure cancer?

    3. What do scientist (cancer researchers) really do?

    4. Can I trust what I see in the media or in reports about cancer?

    5. What are cancer publications and references and what do they mean to me?

    And so forth….remember let me know what you would like to know about!!!

    Dr. Charles

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