Before you buy a car you must know how to drive

It really amazes me how much misinformation I hear constantly about cancer.  But, when I think about it, if I was not a cancer immunologist or cancer researcher myself, I too would not have much of an idea about cancer.  So, it is even stranger how I realize that companies are busy marketing products to the consumer based on very little knowledge of the underlying principles of cancer.  So, the marketing materials about cancer a highly biased, share only the information about cancer that supports their product (e.g maybe Ph or oxygen radicals or a host of other things) but ignore 1000 other important things that are important in cancer development.  So, people are buying car (cancer products) without knowing how to drive.  This has got to stop.  Fortunately, most of the products out there are not too harmful (rare mushrooms only found in japan, etc.) but can be quite costly.  However an over reliance on these pseudo anti cancer products can be providing false hope to people who may eventually end up getting cancer despite the products they are taking.  I hope over the next few months I can start introducing topics that will help lead to a better understanding of cancer! 



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