Knowledge really is power

You know, knowledge really is power. That is not to say that if yuo know more about cancer that you will have the smarts to chase cancer away but it can do several things. Tens of thousands of scientists and an equal number of clinical doctors are trying to do just that…chase cancer away. The knowledge that first start with the chemists, and biologists and then makes it to the microbiologists and cancer researchers and others deos lead to some very effective treatments and more importantly getting to understand what we are dealing with. We now so somuch more about the fundamentals of cancer that we did not know 10 years ago. We know things to avoid to reduce our chances, we now know which cancers can be treated by which drugs or by which priorities. We even know for many cancers, what types of people will fare worse than others (gender, race, age, etc.). For non medical folks, we can also defend ourselves somewhat with knowledge. Perhaps the biggest way is to try and understand cancer so that we know what to ignore that is out there ‘pretending’ to be anti cancer like. Once we understand cancer a little bit better we wont be so afraid of asking some serious questions to the people selling us all of these cancer preventative products. We can talk with our doctors a little bit more comfortably and so on and so forth. So get out there…arm yourself with knowledge and start asking questions…there are specialist hidden everywhere…I am one of them. So, come visit my webpage for more info!


2 thoughts on “Knowledge really is power

  1. hi charles,

    nice blog and website you have here, and very informative too. I totally agree that knowledge is power. I would also like to add that having the right knowledge AND only by implementing the knowledge can one harness the power of knowledge.

    • Thanks Samuel and I agree one must take action…but what type of action is realy up to each and every individual and not the same for everyone!

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