is Cancer strange?

Why is cance so strange and mysterious?  In fact, HIV (AIDS) is quite devastating and more people are dying of diseases associated with poor water quality and insect borne diseases such as malaria.  We have not eradicated HIV, many parasitic diseases and most mosquito borne diseases.  So, why do we find Cancer so strange and struggle to understand why we have not cured cancer?  I am not sure.  Cancer like any disease is complex and will take many years and tons of money (billions if not trillions) to solve completely if ever.  Wait a minnute…did he just say ‘if ever’?’ Yes, that is what I said.  I know people may find this hard to believe as they think human can solve any problems, but understanding cancer completely like many other natural things in life relies on scientists knowing the fundamentals of human biology, the body, and other areas of science.  And guess what…we still don’t.  Nope, we are still learning about it all.  I am not sure if we will ever fully understand ever signal in a cell etc.  Until we do Cancer and other diseases will continue to be a mystery to us.  That does not mean we are not making great strides and saving people every day.  But, complete understanding is a long way away!  Sorry guys! 

Dr. C


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