Diagnosed with cancer

Wow, what a surprise when I spoke to my long-lost friend on facebook….she told me her father had just passed away from cancer.  I was shocked, surprised and felt bad, especially since she told me yesterday which was father’s day.  As she is in her 20’s her father was still young and had potentially many years left to be a father for his kids and a husband for his wife.  Anyhow, he died of NPC a cancer found in the nasal passages.  It is very common in chinese men and fairly common in chinese women also.  To make a long story short, it not treated immediately it can become hard to remove and it can metastasize (move to another location).  This is what happened to my friend’s father, the cancer had moved to his liver and that was impossible to remove.  Even though he had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy it was not possible to get rid of his cancer.  So, he died.  And that last fact is why cancer research must go on and why cancer educations must go on.  And why me must learn more and more about cancer prevention.  That’s it for now but please do leave me some comments and or questions…I don’t think I am the only one who cares about this issue!

Dr. C


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