Breast Cancer….very active areas of research

Breast cancer is no laughing matter…that’s for sure nor are other cancers.  Today I had a teaching session with my medical students here and our team session was on breast cancer with a few oncologists.  It was a very interesting session and we all learned a lot. It is amazing how collaborative the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of a patient with cancer is…a large multi disciplinary team even here in Singapore where medical care is done somewhat on the cheap.  It is comforting to know that a lot of basic science and clinical science research is currently being done…including the incorporation of PARP inhibitors in the treatment regimen of patients who have BRACA-1 mutations.  Interesting indeed…do ask me questions if you have any on the subject…I am no expert but i do have some basic understanding!

cheer Dr. C


2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer….very active areas of research

    • Very good question: lumpectomy is very effective but may or may not be followed by radiation treatment. If the woman wants to keep her breast and the cancer is somewhat low grade and she meets certain criteria, she may certainly decide for a lumpectomy (which is much less invasive) with some kind of radiation. For certain low grade stage 1 breast tumors, the two are failry similar in terms of recurrance (risk that it will come back) which is fairly low at around 2%. Ok, well I hope that helps and always make sure you get more information from your dr. as well!

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