cancer chemoptherapy

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So, let’s talk about cancer therapy for a moment.  The major forms of therapy include Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy and targeted therapy.  Of course, surgery will be performed if it can be to remove the cancer (e.g. the tumor).  If the cancer is more advanced, than surgery alone will rarely help so one adds radiation to help with the more advanced forms of therapy.  May times radiation may not work so many tumors do respond to chemotherapy (drugs used to kill cancer cells) treatment.  The last form is more recent and is under intense research, but is used when advanced information is known about the biology or molecular biology of the tumor…it is a more specific and specialized form of therapy that can improve the life of some cancer patients.  The whole goal of cancer treatment is to remove or kill off the tumor if possible and if not help the patient to live as long as possible…to extend their life and to make life less painful if possible.  Please do ask me more questions and do come and visit my web page often! 

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2 thoughts on “cancer chemoptherapy

  1. Hmm… didn’t know chemo is considered recent. Thought a lot of cancer patients go for that as “the” most effective treatment. Is that a misconception or am I misinformed like almost everyone else?

    • Surgey has been done for years Alicia but Chemo has only been used more recently (e.g. the past 50-60 years) as we starte dto learn more and more about cancer cells and how they die…and even normal cells.

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