top cancer myths

Ok, I am sure you might have seen these before…but I thought i might refresh your brain about some of the major misconceptions about cancer. 

1) Cancer is NOT contagious and it is NOT infectious!  That means you CAN NOT get it from someone, from the pool, from kissing and forth.  Some viruses and bacteria can increase your risk but do not give you cancer directly!

2) Men CAN get breast cancer as some men do have enough of the right kind of tissue, etc, but it is not as common as women of course. 

3) Everyone has some form of cancer in her/his body if they live long enough or at any given time…but having a cancerous cells or small malignancy does NOT mean you will get full-blown cancer.  Mutations that cause cancer are happening on a daily basis and most of the time they are fixed but even if they are not the cell will be killed before it get a chance to be a tumor.

4) The FDA and the pharmaceutical companies do not want to cure cancer they only want to treat it with drugs that you must take for ever.  This is utterly ridiculous.  It is true that the FDA favors strong scientific evidence before they approve drugs, it is true that it costs millions of dollars to test and make on drug, and it is true that there are no drugs that provide a 100% cure for any cancer.  However, please note that the FDA and the companies out there are made of people, just like you and me.  They have friends, cousins, aunts, mothers, etc (even themselves), so they would like to make products and approve products that work just as much as anyone else.  Thousands of people work for the FDA and tens of thousands of people work for big pharma, all of them are not trying to pull the wool over the consumer and not help them at all.   More on that later at

OK there are many more myths…but that is a good start…more anwsers will be solved later, but I would love to get some questions out there also~!

Dr. C


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