Open your mind….cancer

Wow, what an interesting conversation I had the other day with an alternative treatment specialist.  This is what I learned that really opened my eyes.  According to him, one is able to analyze over 60 different clinical measurement (from colon health, to eyes, to cholesterol levels, and so forth…even malignancies or pre malignancies) from a few strands of hair using some sort of energy analysis.  Hair samples are sent off to Japan and when they come back the patient gets a reading in a very holistic fashion that includes so many parts of the body.  The specialist than heals the cancer patient on all the things he/she sees need correcting not just the cancer.  His treatments include diet modulation as he believes that the correct diet can control cancer, he fixes and spinal alignment or other bone alignment issues, and recommends other lifestyle modification.  Anyhow, why do I bring this all up?  A person with my background in Immunology and molecular biology does not usually discuss these sorts of things as we are trained only to consider scientifically tested drugs.  However, although I am not recommending this style of alternative treatments for everyone,  he vigorously claims his patients do very well.  He is frustrated that cancer patients get treated only for their cancer and not for other problems they may have in their bodies (liver dysfunction or other).    I do agree that in modern western medicine we do treat what we look for only (we don’t look for everything).  Is this good or bad…I will let you be the judge on that one.  All I say is to keep both eyes open as I have started doing.  That way, at least I will know about alternative strategies and respect all forms of medicine that puts the patient first!  Let me know what you think!

Dr. C


One thought on “Open your mind….cancer

  1. I totally agree. Keep your eyes, mind and options open!
    Good one Charles. Almost everyone i know who’s in the science/medical field are too skeptical and critical and dismissive of alternative meds. I believe there are some very effective ones out there.

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