Emotional Cancer

It seems to me rather interesting that when people all of a sudden are confronted with cancer (e.g. someone they care about has cancer) they are often emotional which is normal but also must start making rational decisions.  The emotional aspects of cancer are certainly real, cancer is scary, cancer can kill, many cancers can not be cured, and cancer therapy is often ugly.  But, one must be careful to separate the emotional aspects of the disease from the practical part.  Thus, it is best to learn about cancer in an objective fashion and with an open mind and not be unduly influenced by what your emotions are telling you.  So, if you can learn about cancer before you might need to really know about it.  Thus, when you or someone else is directly affected, your emotions do not interfere with the learning process.  But, why you ask, do I even need to learn anything?  Well that is because, you and those around you will be starting to talk to doctors and other healers who want to help.  How can you help yourself or someone else without the background knowledge?  That knowledge will be power and I think will also help control some of the uncertainly and thus reduce some of the anxiety.  Very few people actually try to teach the average ‘Joe’ about the general issues about cancer in an unbiased and straightforward manner.  I hope that I can do that for those of you who are interested.  See me at www.cancermadesimple.com.


Dr. C


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