Cancer questions

I know that many people have questions about cancer….

What exactly is cancer?

What causes cancer?

How far until we cure cancer?

Why must we have these tough cancer treatments (e.g at the hospital) that hurt us?

Are there other types of treatments besides the ones offered by clinical doctors?

How to trust what is out there in the media and being sold?

Can I prevent Cancer?

Will I get cancer?

Why is cancer on the rise…or is it?

Well…I will do my best to answer every single one of these and more…but I need your help.  I need you to ask questions.  I would also encourage you to visit my website at and look at my comments.  I am almost ready to uplink my 8 new audio tapes and 8 new written documents that go into a lot of these details.  Some will be free and some I will sell…but all in all, they will be quite affordable and informative.  I promise!

Dr. C


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