Cancer Made Simple…why?

Some of you may be curious to know (in fact many people have asked me directly) why an American cancer researcher is living and working in Singapore.  This is a good and valid question as it would seem that there are plenty of cancer research centers in the US right?  Yes, there are and yes I could have stayed in the States.  However, 7.5 years ago when I made the big leap to come out to a country that I knew a very little about, there were some things that I did know. 1) The states are very competitive and I did not want to continue to be post doctoral fellow at Havard for up to ten years and many of my colleagues had done before finding a real position.  2) I was very tired of classical academic positions already by then and the majority of well-known researchers that I know about make poor mentors.  3)  The US pharmaceutical industry which was an obvious choice for me was going through tough times then and was not hiring.  So, I was not able to find a good job that I wanted there. 4) I was single and happy to experience new parts of the world. 5) Someone from Singapore saw my CV contacted me and asked me if I was might be interested in coming here.  So I met and things just clicked and I decided to apply then come here.  6) Americans (in general) are more independent than Singaporeans, we do not live with nor cling to our families after the age of 18.  So, it was not a hard decision for me to leave and go so far away, I was already quite independent and a free spirit so t speak. 7) Singapore was marketing itself as the new scientific hub of SE Asia and was promoting itself in large scientific publications.  8) Finally, and very importantly as I was a small fish at that time (still am now too), it is easier for a small fish to survive in a smaller pond and get noticed (e.g. Singapore) then for it to survive and compete in a larger pond with more aggressive fish (USA). 

Thanks to those of you who have asked about my reasons for choosing to come to live here.  I have been heare almost 8 years now.  I have recently set up a e-business called cancer made simple which is promoting educational materials of making cancer easier to understand for non scientist.   Please do visit my site at and do some searches and look at the cancer links I have.  Soon, my own products will be there as well.

Dr. C


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