Alternative Cancer Therapy part I

In the next series of posts I will be commenting on the topic of alternative therapy for cancer.  If you are like me, this is a new area and you may not know so much about it.  I hope to help review this entire area as much as possible and as simply as possible to give you a feel about what it all means. In this post I am going to give you the reasons that people who practice or sell alternative medicines propose as the benefits of their products.  Later I will go into specific types of these therapies and into some details about many of them.

Let’s first start out by defining Alternative Therapy.  The meaning of this type of therapy or treatment is one that is not given, administered or acknowledged by the mainstream western medical community.  Thus, it is alternative.  All true alternative treatments rely on agents that are natural and thus not synthesized in the laboratory.  They either exists already in nature or need to be extracted from something that exists in nature.  Some examples include Tea, Vitamin C (must be extracted and purified), DMSO and other agents or naturally occurring compounds.  Another common element that is implicit in the definition of alternative therapy is that the agents used or the treatment itself aim to cause little to no harm to the body as they are damaging the cancer itself.  So, they are supposedly safe….this is a VERY important point.  If the therapy is toxic or dangerous in ANY way, then it does not qualify toward being an alternative mode of therapy even if it is natural. 

Ok, for this last section of this post, I want to give you some of the rationales that are given by those are trying to sell these Alternative Cancer Treatment to the public.  You must make up your own mind as to the validity of these (if you believe they are true or not).  1) They usually state that the traditional western medicines like chemotherapy are given to patients primarily because they generate huge income to the pharmaceutical industry and the medical doctors are too closely lined with them. 2) That the FDA and other agencies are biased towards the drug companies (again due to money) and do not acknowledge the alternative medicines which they state have been tested in some cases for hundreds of years.  3) Alternative medicines, as they are natural, do NOT need to go through the very expensive and time intensive process of scientific testing and human clinical trials.  4) Western medicines like chemotherapy kill off normal and disease tissue and are so harmful to the entire body that they are not effective in the long run.  However, most agents used in Alternative treatments are perfectly healthy and ONLY target the cancer and are thus safe. 5) Most of the drugs today do not provide cures and people must take them for much if not their whole lives and thus the drug companies make money left and right.  However, alternative medicines treat the whole body, are healthy for you, and you do not need to take them after the disease is gone (but in some cases you may wish to at a lower amount as they improve your health overall).  6) Western doctors and their medicine are short-sighted, only treat the cancer, and never treat the whole person…whereas alternative medicine and it’s practitioners seeks to treat the whole patient while also eliminating their cancer.

So, there you go….I hope you have an idea of what alternative cancer therapy is and what it aims to do.  I also hope you have an idea of the reasons people use to sell their agents.  I will explain in more details about these agents over the next few posting.  Do let me know if you have any comments and do see my web page at cancer made simple!!

Dr. C


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