Alternative Cancer Part II

A few days I introduced the concept of all natural alternative cancer therapy that is supposed to treat the entire patient and not just the disease in a safe but effective manner.  Now let me go into some more details about this whole area of treatment and care.  In some states in the US (very few) like Arizona there are licenced Naturopathic practitioners that are ‘allowed’ to treat patient with certain illnesses including cancer.  Naturopathic medicine was very strong before th 1930 but was replaced as the main stream medical practice soon after penicillin, vaccines, and other scientifically validated approaches for treating disease gained favor.  However, naturopathic medicine never went away and some places in Europe (and of course Asia, etc.) still practiced it very much. 

This type of treatment relies on the use of natural products to do the following: do no harm to the patient and keep the risks as low as possible, promote the natural self-healing power that each individual possesses, try to eliminate the cause of the cancer/disease instead of simply suppressing the symptoms, teach the patient how to make him/her self-reliant and healthy and inspire them to lead health lives in ALL aspects of their health and wellbeing, treat each individual as such as look at them as a whole (e.g. treat all of their ailments not just the one they came to see you for…or holistic medicine), stress the importance of good health including mental/stress/ and service to community wherever possible. many of these are not part of traditional medical practices.

Alternative medicine frequently encompasses naturopathy which itself practices some amount of evidence based medicine (e.g it follows some of the same rules as Western medicine in its pursuit of scientific foundations in treatments), but not always.  Now I will write out a list of some common forms of treatment that are prescribes/recommended by alternative cancer treatment of naturopathic folks.  Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Herbal/botanic preparations, Chelation therapy (DMSO, etc.), Colonic enemas, Color therapy, Hair follicle sample analysis, Homeopathy, Iridology, nature cures such as exposure to fresh air, sunshine, cold and heat etc., nutrient therapy or nutritional modification,  certain types of physical therapy (bone massage, etc.), Ozone therapy, meditation-relaxation-stress therapy and other types of psychological therapy, traditional chinese medicine, vitamin therapy, and so forth.  This give you an idea of the scope of agents or methods that are available.  There are more than 200 different types of known natural or alternative forms of therapy.  Many of them validated in one way or another and some not. 

I hope this was useful and I will certainly continue with this area to go into some details with many if not all of these types of therapies over the next few posts.  Alternative therapy is not for everyone.  There are limitations perhaps and beliefs that may prevent or inhibit one from seeking this type of treatment.  However, it is probably safe to say that the practioners who treat people using these natural forms of therapy are just as committed and interested in seeing people become healthy as traditional Western medical doctors are!  For more basic information on cancer please see my web site CANCER MADE SIMPLE.

Thank you Dr. C


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