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Today I will focus on diet as a form of alternative cancer therapy. As mentioned in my previous blog discussions, Alternative Therapy for cancer concerns itself with the root cause of illness not with the cancer symptom itself. Thus, natural medicine or alternative medicine practitioners concentrate on the source of the disease by using natural medicines and diets and self-healing to eliminate the root cause and thereby promoting the patients own natural immunity and self-healing process.  These therapies are firmly rooted in some of the very ancient forms of medicine including the indian medical practice Ayurveda which states that cancer is a result of emotional imbalances.  Thus, lack or too much or untimely diets and lifestyles results in the disruption of the body’s metabolism and results in cancer.  The poor diets (not lack of food) in many developed countries results in lower levels of minerals and metals that are needed to keep the body more basic and thus contribute to an acidic pro cancer state in the body.  Furthermore, they also belive that stress, anxiety, eating disorders, untimely eating, and many other lifestyle factors are lead to acidification which results in poor metallic absorption as well as leads to the inability of the body’s natural toxin clearance system to function well.  This originally manifests itself in the GI tract and then gradually impairs immune responses and natural anti cancer responses such that leads to abnormal responses in many tissues and then cancer.

Thus alternative medical folks typically prescribe diets high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and may even provide an added benefit of preventing future cancer development.  The aim of many of the diets given is to remove the toxins obtained from common Western foods (e.g. hormones, chemicals, pesticides, etc.) and many are strictly vegetarian.  Common elements include foods that are raw, low in sugar, salt free, contain juices derived from liver/fruit/ or vegetables  and most also include large amounts of vitamins, minerals, or enzymes. 

Now, lets look at a few particular diets that have seemed to be popular.

Gerson diet: Dr. Gerson started treating patients for migraines and tuberculosis first and then cancer later.  He presented is diet and cancer patient data to congress and the NIH in the late 1940’s and his results were difficult to interpret and thus never accepted fully by the medical community. However, he claims a 50% cancer survival rate with his diet.  It consists of 13 glasses daily of juice from organic fruits and vegetables along with a vegetarian organic diet.  He supplements this with vitamin B12, iodine solution, potassium, hormones, a crude extract, and several enema used to detoxify the body.  One must not sue aluminum when cooking and spices nor salts are added at all. This diet requires time and can be rather expensive.

Vitamin Therapy in large doses: Vitamins A, C, E and Q10 are often given (although not all together) in fairly large doses.  The assumption is that low doses do good in many situations and larger doses should do even better.  This is risky as high doses of vitamins can have unwanted consequences such as liver failure, or impairment in vitamin bioavilibity, etc.  Q10 is thought to provide protection from the damage of free radicals.  It is unclear whether this is actually scientifically valid or not. In some vitamin therapies selenium is also used.

The most famous is the Bristol Diet.  This anti cancer diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, organic fish, poultry eggs, cereals and wholefoods.  The diet also stresses that one must avoid, caffeine, dairy products (including yogurt), red meat, salt, and sugar.  Organically grown produce is preferred over those that are not.

There are certainly others and each one of these may be tailored to certain patients.  As organic produce is becoming more and more available, these forms of therapies are becoming more accepted and cheaper.  They are also used more frequently with those that are getting Western medical treatments in addition to alternative diet therapy.  

Thank you, Dr C

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