Science vs. Non Science…with Cancer

McDonald's Hamburger 2007

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Hi guys, sorry it has been a while.  I want to continue with my cancer education postings and have been away for some time in the states.  I will add a post today but will be off for a while in Japan so the next post will be in two weeks time! 

Science and non science…which one should you chose when thinking about cancer, cancer treatment, and living health in general (wellness)?  I am going to say ‘science’ and explain why. 

You may have noticed the Hamburger (McDonald’s) issue lately.  If you have you will note that someone posted a hamburger that had sat on the counter for weeks and never turned moldy. This and other postings in the past have also claimed to show this.  The interpretation…here is what is really dangerous…was that these burgers from this chain and others contain so many preservatives or contain no/little edible food products that they did not mold or degrade. 

This is despite that fact that McDonald’s has repeatedly insisted that their meat is 100% and that beef will rot and go bad with age.  However, if you look closely after the hype died down another poster actually used science (or scientific thought) to inform the readers what this was all about. 

He found that the products had dried up and were resistant to mold and that yes, the high content of the beef tissue used for the meat (yes it’s mostly muscle and fat) did keep the bacteria and mold away under the desiccated conditions (dry).  If the hamburgers were put in a tight storage container that allowed the moisture to be retained, the burgers rotted and molded over just like any other food does. 

The moral of the story is not to support MacDonald’s food and to recommend you live off of burgers.  But, it is to inform you that you MUST think carefully about what people with very little scientific/technical/other expertise are telling you.  This is ESPECIALLY true about your health and about cancer.  Please analyze things carefully before you accept their claims.  Please don’t be shy to ask the credentials of the person who is trying to sell you an anti cancer or a cancer preventative product.  Please ask and seek clarification before you start ingesting large amounts of these vitamins/mineral/supplements that are supposed to be designed to help you.  Many of them provide NO BENEFIT and some even harm you in large quantities.  Many of the products out there have not been scientifically tested and NO human data exists.  So, if you buy them you do so at your own risk. 

This does not mean anti cancer products in the market are bad.  No.  It means that there are useful, useless and even harmful products out there and you must decide for yourself and learn about the issues before you start taking or asking other to take large amounts of these.  Also, take any products in moderation unless your doctor has instructed you to take more…companies selling you their products ALWAYS want you to take more not less…that way they make more money!

Thank you and if you want to learn more or ask me questions please continue to read this blog and please do visit my CANCER MADE SIMPLE website.

Thanks Dr. C


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