The Cancer Saga continues

This blog concerns itself with general cancer topics from the perspective of a cancer medical researcher and teacher (medical school professor).  I have taken a break for some time due to travels to the US, Japan, and Malaysia and am back home now in Singapore and ready to start contributing a few times a week like I was doing before.

To recap what has been discussed over the last several months…we have discusses the following in past posts:

1. Cancer Stats in Singapore and the US,  2 Transplants and their role in Cancer,  3. Diet and Cancer  4. alternative treatment and cancer (several blogs on this)  5. Cancer myths 6. Cancer therapies in general, 7. And many other important and relevant issues!

Please see some of my old posts if any of these topics interest you.

My next post will be about the issue of statistics and what they can and most importantly CAN NOT DO (or usually do NOT do) for people who want to know more about cancer and chances for survival after cancer.

For now, thank you for your support!  I really encourage you to ask me questions you might have  about all aspects of cancer.  I would encourage you to support me by going to visit my cancer made simple homepage!

Thank you…Dr. Gullo


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