Lung Cancer

Special Offer, Lung Cancer

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

This month is Lung Cancer Awareness month….

Not many people know but LUNG CANCER kills more men and women in the United States every year than any other cancer.  For some reason research for this disease is funded at a lower level than other cancers which kill far fewer people.  More than 160,000 Americans will die this year from lung cancer – more than will die from breast, colon and prostate cancers combined.

One reason may be the perception that people have which is that Lung Cancer Kill people who smoke and this is a lifestyle choice and thus it should be dismissed.  However, this is a bit unfair…drunk driving kills more people on the roads and yet we still care about people who drink alcohol.  The vast majority of people drink in the US and we still take care of their livers when damaged and so forth, despite the fact that drinking is a lifestyle choice. 

My point is that yes, by far the majority of deaths associated (but not all) are due to smoking and that is a choice that people have.  However, smoking is still promoted (but less now than before) by advertisers, tobacco is still harvested and modified to make cigarettes in the US, and smokers are people too.  This very difficult habit to break is still affecting people.  Our neighbors, our friends and our own relatives.  Why should we NOT fund cancer research to help these people who get lung cancer….even if they displayed poor choice in smoking? 

Anyhow, happy Lung cancer day.  Can you imagine if we are able to save even 1/3 of the people who die from lung cancer in the US and elsewhere in the world…from dying?  Wow, not that would be a great success! 

Thanks for reading…Dr C

Please check out more infor about cancer in general at cancer made simple


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