Complexity of cancer

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Did you know that cancer is not one diseases….it’s actually a collection of over 200 different diseases? 

A person who has cancer A and another person who has cancer A, may have totally different types of that same cancer, respond to the treatment completely different from one another, and even cheat death and survive with that cancer for years while the other individual may have only a few months.

Almost every tissue/organ in the body can potentially be subjected to cancer.  Drugs work well on some tissues and thus some cancers but not others.  Blood cancers are treated quite differently from solid cancers.  Surgery can be effective if solid cancer are caught early.  Transplants can work wonders for many blood cancers.  To make it more complex, some blood cancers can become solid cancers.  Many lymphomas fit in that category.

Cancer caught early is SO MUCH easier to treat than cancer caused late. Brain cancer in general is much harder to treat than prostate cancer and other common solid tumor cancers.  Cancer cells can move from their primary location (e.g breast) to a secondary location (e.g. bone) where they almost always become MUCH more serious and harder to cure. 

It’s information like this that you can readily learn, not the specifics of all the treatments that your health care provider have to offer that will help to empower you and allow you to communicate well with your doctor, etc.  Isn’t it nice to know simple information that applies to almost all cancers than specific details that are so complex and only applicable to a certain subset of cancers. ALthough the latter is important, it is what your dr is specialized in  knowing…its the general information that you really should gather on your own so you can then understand the more specific complex stuff.

If you agree with me….come to my web site and see what kinds of information you can find.  Empower yourself and learn! 

Dr. Charles – Cancer Made Simple


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