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I attended an excellent seminar the other day….it was brilliant.  It was about how someone who was pronounced permanently neurologically damaged and disabled and with no hope of recovery overcame his disorder and survived.  He refused to accept it and he talked about how he healed himself during this event.  Now, as a scientist who likes definitive evidence before I accept things as fact, this was difficult to swallow.  However, there was nothing I could do but listen and learn.

It taught me  a lot.  First of all, I don’t understand much about self-healing, but I am absolutely certain that this is a possibility and there is something real here.   I certainly don’t recommend everyone stop seeing their medical doctors and stop taking medicine and just apply positive thinking and transcendental connection to heal him/herself.  However, when someone tells you NO…there is no cure, you have three months left, or you will never walk again…the LAST thing you should do is listen.  Don’t! 

What do I mean?  Remember, your doctor or healthcare professional is just that…a professional.  But, he/she is not god, he/she is not perfect, he/she relies on data that is currently available, and even some biases about basic biology/medicine or even long-standing assumptions.  BUT….these are not always perfect or even 100% rock-solid.  They are based on generalized data over hundreds of patients (if you are lucky) or rational guesses based on experience (at the very least).  But, assumptions, even scientific ones, can be wrong or can be inaccurate or can be not clearly understood…just accepted (please see below for an example of what I mean). What I am trying to say, is that when the doctor says NO you are not going to make it…then you say to him and most importantly to yourself…’Yes I am’.  HELL YES I am! 

Positive thinking, a healthy attitude, connection with your inner self that allows  you to self-heal, or seeking alternative therapies, etc…..they just might save your life.  Are there guarantees? No, there are none.  But, I tell you what…if you give up and you listen to what “everyone..even the experts” say (e.g if  they tell you or your loved ones that they will not make it) then you will probably fulfil their words….so DO NOT give up.  Keep up hope and explore your options.  

Examples of why science/prevailing wisdom is not always right.

Why science has been wrong before….in 1954 Roger Bannister broke the world record for the one mile sprint when he ran it under 4 minutes.  As documented in an article in 1999 (Pittsburgh Times) “For years, the 4-minute mile was considered not merely unreachable but, according to physiologists of the time, dangerous to the health of any athlete who attempted to reach it.”  Doctors and scientist were almost unanimous in their agreement that it could NEVER be done.  Roger did not agree with them.  Please remember that the earth was flat for years and years and people were severely punished for thinking otherwise. Scientists/theologians/philosophers for hundreds of years insisted that the earth was the center of the universe…Copernicus dissagreed.

Thus, please note…the pervailing thoughts of today might be wrong tomorrow…scientists and doctors can only tell you what we have been conditioned to tell you and what the prevailing ideas are today!! Many times they are correct, but they can also be wrong!  We are all humans!

For more specific information on cancer itself…please see Cancer Made Simple!


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