Some basic cancer information

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I think it important to spend a few words on some basic cancer information as I think it is useful before delving deeper into cancer research or general cancer understanding.  I think that there are a lot of misconceptions and myths floating around in the e-space as well as on the streets.  The problem with scientists and doctors like myself is that we are not used to speaking a common language about your subject.  We are used to writing grants, giving presentation, and training advanced students in the subject of cancer that we forget how to make it simple.

One of the reasons I stopped doing research in cancer recently and start my own cancer education/empowerment websites and blog is that I believe that it is more important to reach out to the millions and millions of people with little to no scientific background and help them to understand cancer.  Why is this important?  For one, cancer is now one of the top killers in the world as we are living longer, perhaps getting exposed to more and more environmental toxins, and that we can now pick up cancer much better than we did in the past.  The second reason is that as high as 1 in 4 of the general population is now estimated to get cancer in their lifetimes.  That means we are all going to be directly involved in the management of someone with cancer or getting the disease ourselves.  I do not mean to scare you and sound like a doomsday announcer, I just think it is smart to be honest.  The third reason, related the second is that getting a handle on the basic principals of cancer and cancer biology will help you feel better when you are talking to your doctor, pharmacist, or health care professional.  You will feel in better control and hopefully slightly less scared about the disease.  Finally, another benefit of knowing more is that you will be able to look at all the information on the web and elsewhere on cancer preventions, cancer drugs, cancer free diets, and so forth in a more critical fashion.  You may discover after you have a better understanding about what cancer really is, how your immune system is involved, and all sorts of other things that many of these products probably will not help and might even be a waste of money.  Indeed you might find a really good product that may help a lot. 

So now for a few facts:

Cancer is not one disease….it is more than 200 different conditions

Cancer is not infectious…you CAN NOT pass cancer on from one person to another.

There is no such thing as a 100% cure, although with some cancers you can get very close to that number.

Cancer treatment is not an exact science….it is based on good (sometimes) clinical information and research investigation done over many years, but we still need to learn a lot more and we still don’t understand many fundamental questions.

Cancer treatment can include more than what your hospital (traditional) may provide which is usually surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.  There are now many MANY alternative medicine alternatives and even naturopathic medicine. In fact, some of these are becoming so well liked by patients that there are now a number of hospitals that try both…they are called integrative medicine hospitals.

Ok, well that’s enough for today.  I do encourage ALL of you to empower yourself now and learn more about cancer.  It is much better to learn when you are not under the emotional burden of the disease itself.  Find out what cancer is all about, how prevention works, how your immune system works and does not work, and so much more! 

See my website at CANCER MADE SIMPLE for more details. 

For free newsletters and other books and relevant information please see the contact section of Cancer Made Simple

 Thank you so much for reading!

Dr. C


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