2011 Cancer commitments

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Welcome to 2011….this is a time to start thinking about making some resolutions or strong commitments towards building a stronger and healthier life.  One way to do it is to think about doing the following cancer specific activities.

I commit to: Learn more about cancer for myself and my loves ones.  This can be done by looking at various cancer specific websites or by visiting my cancer educational web page at Cancer Made Simple.

I commit to: Help out by volunteering at a cancer research center, cancer hospital or cancer charity of my choice. 

I commit to: Stop smoking if you currently do so, reduce the amount of alcohol that I take, eat more healthy by avoiding too much refined sugars, flour, greasy fried foods, processed foods, and fast foods. 

I commit to: Keeping myself healthier and lessening my chances of getting cancer by losing weight if I am overweight or obese.

I commit to:  exercising often and staying fit within my abilities.

I commit to:  Keeping a positive attitude about myself, not to place 100% trust about your health and well-being in your doctors or marketers of healthcare products (meaning that I commit to trust myself more, learn more, and question more and not take everything that those seemingly more educated people around me say at 100% face value). 

If I do some or all of these things, I will feel better about myself for I have helped others, I will be more knowledgeable about cancer and thus less scared if I do happen to get it or my relatives/friends get cancer, and I will be more fit and healthy and reduce my chance of getting cancer.


I wish you a very happy new year and certainly hope that it remains cancer free. 

Dr. C,  www.cancermadesimple.com


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