The Cancer Quiz

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How much do you know about cancer?  If you have kept up with my blog or have learned about cancer…the practical stuff, that is, then you will do well.  If you haven’t and find yourself not knowing the answer to these questions, then you might wish to learn more.  It is important to you and your loved one(s) lives.  So, here it goes:

1. Cancer is a single disease.  True or False

2. When a cure rate is achieved, does that mean 100% cure for the remainder of the life of the individual?  Yes or No

3. Surgery is the only real way to cure cancer….all other forms of therapy are not effective.  True or False

4. Solid tumors never enter the blood and blood tumors never become solid.  True or False

5. Diet and exercise play a role in controlling one’s chances of getting cancer. True or False

6. When scientist/doctors/healthcare professionals talk about cancer risk, the number they give you (e.g. chances of getting this or that particular cancer) is fairly fixed.  True or False

7.  You should not rely on what your doctor says to you 100% without questioning.  Yes or No

8.  Clinical trials are designed to test agents using human patients and cost a huge amount of money.  True or False

9. Breast Cancer in women and Prostrate cancer in men are one of the most common cancers known.  True or False

10. Cancer is curable.  Yes or No or Maybe

I will give the answers in the next blog.  Good luck and if you want to write down your choices for us to see, please do so in the comment section.

Thanks….Dr. C   Cancer Made Simple!


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