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Today I just wanted to write a few quick reminders on easy (relatively simple) ways to help you stay healthy and keep cancer at bay.

Walk at least 10,000 steps a day (this is not as easy as it sounds especially if you work in an office all day).  Purchase a very inexpensive pedometer that tracks the number of steps a day so you can get an idea on how much walking you are doing in a day.  If you are under 10,000 steps a day on average then you are not leading as healthy a life as you can be.  Getting at least this number of steps a day has been associated with a healthy lifestyle that in turn lowers your cancer risk.  Try it….get out there and walk.

150 hours a week (no not a day) of exercise will help you keep healthy and significantly decrease your risk of a number of cancers.  This means two and a half hours of physical activity a week.  This is certainly not impossible, but with busy schedules, people with kids, folks who love to go out, people who drive everywhere, this is surprisingly difficult. I urge you though, to change your lifestyle and try to achieve this if not more than this.  Effectively, this can be achieved by doing 5 thirty minute sessions every week?  If it’s possible make this your goal.

Eat healthy.  This does not mean going crazy and becoming a vegan or eating expensive organic foods, although I am not discouraging the later.  It simply means reducing the amount of refined sugars and flour that you take every day.  It means reducing the amount of red meats you take.  It means eating more raw fruits and vegetables.  It also means trying to avoid processed foods or those foods with added hormones and other chemical derivatives.  You will simply be decreasing your risk of getting cancer this way but will not eliminate your chances of course.

No smoking, no smoking and no smoking.  This is as simple as it gets…if you are a smoker…stop.  If you drink heavily, you should also consider giving up alcohol or at least drastically reducing the amount you drink.

Ok…so you see it’s not that hard.  You can’t prevent getting cancer by 100%, its just not possible.  But, why not reduce your overall chances by leading a more healthy lifestyle?

Thanks, Dr. C

For more info. see Cancer Made Simple


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