I am a cancer researcher who has always focused on the basic science behind cancer and with the idea of trying to develop vaccines against cancer in the laboratory. As time when by it occurred to me at how little I was actually contributing to the common good and how much I was engaged in trying to promote myslef. The latter is what all scienctist and clinical researchers really do. So, I decided to start educating people about cancer…simple basic cancer facts- in hopes that I can empower and inspire people who are faced with the ugly disease to do something about it. I am not interested in convincing you to prescibe to any one type of therapy, treatment, diet or whatever. I simply want to help you understand cancer so that you can understand what people who are selling you things are really providing you.
Thank you and do visit my website for additional information!
Dr. C
cancer made simple


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  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog – my aim is to share my journey so that others know what is involved.

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